Since 1932, our small Post has been helping Loudoun County veterans and veteran family members as they work to rebuild their lives and become part of their communities again after serving their country.

For over 80 years, our Post has been there for them and has also been a strong supporter of the youth of all of our Loudoun County communities, helping to pass on the traditions of selfless service and commitment to your fellow man.

Unfortunately, time has taken it's toll on our little building and we are worried about the condition of several parts of our building, especially our roof. We also need to make some upgrades to make it more accessible for veterans who are wheelchair-bound.

Now, Loudoun County's Veterans need YOUR HELP, to continue to meet the needs of our current returning Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, and for those who may follow in the future.

Won't you help us to raise the funds we need to repair our building so we can continue to help OUR Veterans of Loudoun County?


They did so much for us!


Just click on the below and make a donation and remember no gift is too small!


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